Melt the Frozen, Warm the Chill

by Angelle Damare || Intercessory Team Director at ECHO New Orleans

As we celebrated Pentecost Sunday this past year at ECHO Nola, I was struck by a line of the “Veni, Sancte Spiritus”:

“Melt the frozen, warm the chill”

It’s something only the Lord can do for us.


O little one,

Shrouded in darkness,

Covered in snow!


Your petals which

Had begun to blossom

Have frozen.


You are under a severe chill

Snow falls heavily

Upon you

Weighing you down.

Wind whispers

Threats that

You are alone

And never will be found.


Icy fingers tighten their grasp

Burying you

Under a dark, cold

Sheet of snow.

And though the sun shines,

You would not know.


But the sun does shine-


Penetrating the


With persistence,

Warmth, and


Taking care

Not to damage you,

Little one.


Light of sun

Wraps Itself around you

Melting frozen

Warming chill


Its embrace

You cannot feel.


Hope and faith

Trust and wait

For the reality

You once knew-



Now you feel warmth

And breath

Caressing you.

Light has come

From height to depth

To be with you

To set you free.


Once again

You have been found.





Crystal water,

Freshly gleaming

In the light,

Rushing forth from

Melting snow

And ice.



Life giving waters  


From the darkness

Of frost and chill.



Little one,

Unfold your petals,


Your victory flag

A banner of Love.


Expose yourself

To Warmth

And Light.

Who frees

You to become,

In fullness,

Who you are.


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