Greg&Lizzy’s Pick of the Week {7/13/17}

By Greg Boudreaux || Dumb Ox Creative Outreach Director

Artist: Johnnyswim

Album: Live at Rockwood Music Hall

Song: Adelina

On their recent live album, husband/wife duo Johnnyswim offers a track that will leave any listener hardpressed to not feel at least a glimmer of hope even in the deepest trials. “Adelina” takes its time meandering through verses with themes of waiting and choruses that bring the focus back to the subject that’s worth waiting for. Just when you’re on the verge of losing interest, a bridge filled with strength and resolve overtakes the soundscape and drives home the reality of the risk implicit to any worthwhile hope.

“I know it’s a wager, waiting on an anchor / but the sea won’t overtake you, no you won’t be let down.” The culmination is the truth we all know but struggle to articulate simply: “I don’t know what’s coming, but I know it’s gonna be good.” What if we believed this as we wait daily for our lives to make sense? As we hope the pieces all fall into place? As we strive for deeper virtue to purify our desires?

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